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The Anger Management Centre of Toronto has helped over 10,000 clients. Learn more about our programs and call today for a free consultation.

Anger Management Program

in Programs 39233 hits

Anger Management Counselling is a service where clients are offered strategies and techniques to manage excessive anger and make better life choices. We also offer a compressed version of the…

4.08  from 135 votes

Partner Assault Response Program

in Programs 28360 hits

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program is a psycho-educational course and counselling program designed to help participants stop their violent, abusive and controlling behaviours towards their partners. It aims to…

4.32  from 73 votes

Couples Counselling

in Programs 7213 hits

Everyone wants healthy, satisfying, mutually nurturing relationships. These are the cornerstones of  one's overall happiness. Trustworthiness, honesty, caring, sacrifice, tolerance, understanding and hard work are essential to developing and maintaining happy partner relationships.

4.29  from 34 votes

Caring Fathers

in Programs 7210 hits

Caring Fathers is a specialized program to help fathers in improving their relationship with their children and to develop parenting skills. Each participant attends an individual information session, prior to…

4.58  from 33 votes

Substance Abuse Program

in Programs 5857 hits

When people talk about substance abuse, they generally refer to the use of illegal drugs. Any use of illegal drugs is considered abuse because they are addictive and can cause…

4.54  from 24 votes

Anger Management Coaching

in Programs 9583 hits

The benefits of anger management coaching are far-reaching. The anger management coach teaches others how to manage their anger constructively rather than destructively. Individuals learn different techniques for dealing with…

4.58  from 33 votes

Stress Management Program

in Programs 6308 hits

This program offers techniques to help someone cope with or lessen the physical and emotional effects of everyday life pressure. Stress management involves controlling and reducing the tension that occurs…

4.63  from 27 votes

Teen Anger Management

in Programs 10302 hits

The Teen Anger Management Program offers support to help your teen work through his or her anger issues by teaching him or her to cope with stressful situations that lead…

4.23  from 31 votes

Sexual Addiction

in Programs 10391 hits

Sexual Addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on the family…

4.61  from 23 votes

Overcoming Depression

in Programs 5488 hits

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to normal everyday activities that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and overall well-being. It impacts your motivation to perform the…

4.71  from 21 votes

Anxiety Therapy

in Programs 6429 hits

Anxiety is an over-worried, irrational, state of fear; when the mind instantly goes to the worst possible outcome. Counselling, especially when it employs mindfulness techniques, can help you to greatly…

4.74  from 23 votes

Men's Support Group

in Programs 6534 hits

In today's society men are too often vilified and have little or no support when they have been falsely accused or wrongfully treated especially by their partner or spouse. Our new…

4.53  from 19 votes

Mindfulness Program

in Programs 3508 hits

Mindfulness is a way of being  that is based on ancient eastern philosophy, mainly Buddhism, that entails focusing your awareness and senses to whatever you are doing in the present…

4.80  from 10 votes

Women's Wellness Program

in Programs 1824 hits

This program is designed to help women identify the various types of abuse, how to deal with these types of relationships, and how to develop coping strategies. It also advocates…

5.00  from 3 votes

Domestic Abuse Anger Program

in Programs 2378 hits

The Domestic Abuse Anger Program is designed to educate clients about unhealthy relationship dynamics and characteristics, especially in the context of power and control.

4.50  from 2 votes

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