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Mindfulness Program

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Mindfulness is a way of being  that is based on ancient eastern philosophy, mainly Buddhism, that entails focusing your awareness and senses to whatever you are doing in the present moment and not dwelling on the past or the future as much as you can. It means living in the moment- not necessarily for the moment- and in a non-judgemental, experiential way. Mindfulness promotes one's overall physical and mental well-being and is a pathway to happiness.

The overall effect of mindful living is that you develop increased awareness and with that a greater capacity to enjoy present moments and make conscious, healthier choices in your everyday life. In effect, mindfulness becomes a source of joy. You learn to manage your anger better. Your behavior is no longer an automatic function of habitual thoughts, perceptions and feelings. Your stress levels decrease as you become more proactive in the sense that you have more control over the way you respond to situations. You become less reactive, that is to say, you develop less of a tendency to follow your usual inappropriate habitual ways -automatic behaviours - of dealing with people and situations in your life.

Ultimately, your overall level of happiness improves.

Topics that are covered in the mindfulness program:

1. Introduction to mindfulness

2. Mindfulness and relationships

3. Mindfulness and anger

4. Relationship between happiness and mindfulness

5. How mindfulness can help you to reduce stress

6. Mindfulness and the body

7. Mindfulness exercises

8. Mindfulness mediation, mindfulness waking, mindfulness eating

9. Mindfulness in everyday life

10. Review of the above topics

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