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Stress Management Program

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“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”   -Mohandas K. Gandhi “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” -Mohandas K. Gandhi
This program offers techniques to help someone cope with or lessen the physical and emotional effects of everyday life pressure. Stress management involves controlling and reducing the tension that occurs in stressful situations by making emotional and physical changes. The degree of stress and the desire to make the changes will determine how much change takes place.

There are many physical signs of stress such as: insomnia, migraine, alcoholism, appetite change, anxiety, aches, and burn-outs. There are also many emotional signs of stress such as mistakes, indecision, insecurity, guilt, frustration, outbursts and depression.

The Stress Management program consists of 5 individual sessions (each session is usually 45 minutes to an hour long). The program consists of an assessment of individual needs, how stress impacts an individual and everyone around him/her, overview of stress management, positive/negative stress and their causes and other sessions which will help to promote positive mental health.

Session 1: Introduction and Assessment of Individual Needs. How stress impacts you and everyone around you.

Session 2: Overview of Stress Management. Positive/Negative stress and their causes.

Session 3: Relaxation Training and Techniques. Breathe Control, Imagery, Body Awareness, Meditation and Personal Solutions.

Session 4: Manage Healthy stress levels. Prevention, Reduction and Adaptation Strategies.  

Session 5: Maintain a Healthy, Happy Lifestyle. Nutrition, Exercise, Time Management, Assertiveness, Social, Productive and Positive goal-setting. 

Further Sessions available if necessary

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