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Women's Wellness Program

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This program is designed to help women identify the various types of abuse, how to deal with these types of relationships, and how to develop coping strategies. It also advocates for the protection of women in cases of extreme abuse.

The topics for the program are as follows:

  1. Assessment: relationship stresses within the family.
  2. Presenting issues and concerns.
  3. Identifying types of abuse.
  4. How to deal with an abusive partner.
  5. Anger and stress management, with special emphasis on family issues.
  6. The importance of self care.
  7. Developing coping strategies to enhance wellness.
  8. Review of the above topics.

This is an 8 session, one-on-one program with a flexible schedule. Fees range from $80-$120 per session. Fees are negotiated if the client finds fees to be a challenge.

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